Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tags & Tries on a Sunny Caswell Morning

Thanks for the great turn out and parental support on what was a great sunny morning with lots of tags & tries.

Hope everyone enjoyed the thorough session this week, we like to give everyone a good workout and a go of tagging and running with the ball, hence the extra recent numbers have forced slightly longer sessions.

The predators did themselves proud with some fantastic tries, tags, running and passing. We were particularly pleased with some tries scored after two or three tag passes with Ethan, Daff, Rhys T & Rhys M showing some great support play.

Well done to Zoey & Will for some clever play in the Bulldogs with Will once again winning outright.

Reds beat yellows this week 4 / 2 with some great tries from James (2) Zoey (2)David & Ethan getting 1 each.

Spacing Out!

Making Plans.

Well done Will.

Great Passing & lines! See you all next week at 11.15am. Keep an eye on the blog.

Friday, 19 February 2010

New Starters Shine!

It was great to play on the beach with no rain and although a little chilly the predators once again did themselves proud.

We were particularly pleased to see the new predators Aiden & David playing well amongst the vets, together with the new starters Rhys & Dylan. Hopefully we will see them over the next few weeks and give them their first predator caps.

Well done to Will & Ethan for winning the bulldogs! Also thanks to David Morgan for stepping in for Chris.

The boys & girls are generally doing very very well. However, we are now in the Autumn of the season and Chris, Tony, David and I will be following the tag rules more closely over the coming weeks in preparation for next seasons fixtures.

Although most coaches bend the rules eg running out of the lines and knock on etc: some don't. So the predators need to start getting used to things not necessarily going to plan or their own way.

The main focus areas are passing, tagging and declaring with your hand in the air, staying inside the lines, no diving, contact, hand offs etc. So if you get chance predators practice in your gardens with your friends and family during the week.

Sorry all, about the lack of photos we will try and remember the camera this week.

SEE YOU ALL SUNDAY 11.15am weather depending, keep an eye on the blog.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Back to 11.15am!

Yes, rugby is on this Valentine! Meet usual time of 11.15am and wrap up warm as it will probably be chilly!

Friday, 5 February 2010

9.15pm this Sunday!

Due to a high tide at around 12.00pm we have decided to meet earlier instead of cancelling. We will start at 9.15am which is somewhat earlier however the cafe will be available for strong coffees etc.

We were pleased to have a few new players joining us on the beach last Sunday. Well done for adjusting so quickly to the warm-ups and rules of play. We hope to see you again on Sunday.

Thank you to Tony for being Referee whilst Jon was away - a job well done!

Also thank you to Nigel for the photos. If anyone takes any beach rugby photos please feel free to email them to me at '' and I will try and use them for the blog.