Sunday, 9 March 2008

Why rugby should be a summer sport...

on the beach anyway. It was blowing a gale across Caswell this week, but the boys still wanted one last game of bulldogs before the rain came. Well done to Max, Owen, Myles, Arthur, Tom H, Duncan, Jamie and Tom. The tag game was excellent, with several sequences of 4 or more passes.

Rugby skill to work on: supporting the player carrying the ball on your team so when he is tagged you are close to him and he can pass to you.

Next week (Match 15th), 9:30 start again.

Rugby Gloves
Thinking about the cold weather, some players find that rugby mitts help a bit. They are by no means essential, and some are quite expensive (with the better weather hopefully around the corner). If you are asked to get some, by far the best value I have seen can be found by clicking here.

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