Monday, 3 November 2008

First session this Saturday morning!

We have had the green light from head coach Grant and the first session will commence on Saturday (8th November) morning at 9.30 am on Caswell Beach. Those interested need only bring trainers and probably a track suit to keep warm, no real need for boots on the beach. We are aiming to finish by 10.30am.

We look forward to meeting everyone then!

What do I do if its raining?

The point of the beach is so that we don't have to worry about water-logged muddy pitches, so we aim to play most of the time.

If it is raining lightly, and it isn't windy, we may well carry on. But if it gets heavier or windy we'll call it a day. Most importantly, if your child does not want to come don't drag them along in a force 10 gale! Let them take a break and do it in their own time.

Always remember to check the blog. If it is definitely cancelled, or the times are different, then it will be posted here.

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