Sunday, 13 December 2009


At last, the sun was back, just in time for the last training day of 2009 and what a way to finish the year? The Predators scored lots of tries today, with all players showing their skills. Well done to Zoey & Ethan winning the bulldogs & great tries coming from all, highlights being James, Aiden, Rhys, Will, Daff & Luke. Yellows just scrapped a win against the reds, well done yellows your support play & reds for gaining the most tags, all in all the best game of the season so far.

Hope everyone enjoyed the hot dogs, including us Dads! Thank you for the Wildcat Mums for making us so welcome and cooking the Predators well deserved fodder.

See you all next week for the Parents V Predators, we may also have a debut match playing with the Vikings U7's. Keep an eye on the blog for arrangements.

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