Sunday, 17 January 2010

Rugby Fest at Caswell !

Turning up at caswell today was like walking into a rugby festival! It was great to see our neighbours from south gower showing their skills & strength in depth.

After a short delay, the predators then showed off some skills of their own with a
very good warm up, excellent passing, bulldogs & with a first class game; yellows winning 3/2.

The highlights today were Daff, James, Ethan (tries) James, Will, Ethan for tagging. Whilst Zoey, Rhys T & Will had great results in the bulldog games. Rhys M had the best" Shane Williams " today with some brilliant running and dogging. Luke, Zoey, & Rhys T also showed great support play.

Home work : To practise with mums, dads, brothers & sisters for all predator's to spread out in line, remember if you can touch a player in line, attack or defence, you are too close. The following pictures demonstrate good lines.

Fingers crossed for a repeat of the sunshine like today.See you all next week 11.15 am at Caswell, keep an eye on the blog!

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