Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Forthcoming events and easter break!

Well done all for the excellent turn out this week. Welcome to Tyson the latest addition to the predators. Thankyou to Owen for your coaching help on your day off from the Wildcats.

This week Tony, Owen and I felt there were some fantastic tries, from reds and yellows, as each side put passes together to score. Also some great tagging from all players with Aiden & Torin do very well in the bulldogs. Other tries scored David, James, Ethan, Rhys & Torrin. Great running and warm ups by all.

We are on the beach this week as normal 11.15am Tony & Chris will run the session. I am at the Hong Kong sevens doing some rugby research for next year!!

We then intend to have an Easter break for two weeks, hope that is ok with all. As mentioned prior we will finish this season some time in May. We have two main events before then, traditional Hot Dogs on the beach to say goodbye to Caswell Beach & Mini Finale tournament with the other juniors at Underhill Park. Dates will be confirmed after the Easter break. Keep an eye on the blog.

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