Sunday, 9 October 2011

Knight's Team Work

Fantastic session at Caswell this morning, well done Knights! They really worked together, those that were running in the wrong direction a few weeks ago, Mabon, were supporting & passing like pro's. Osian was organising the blues, great leadership, Niah did well great passes & a big smile on his face through out. Great trys from Sam, Tristan & Max. Bring on the 2031 World Cup! We also had our first girl join us, well done Ruby, by the end of the hour Ruby was keeping up with the boys.
I'd love to put some photos on the blog let me know if you don't want your child in them.
We're back at Caswell next week at 11, but we're off for half term on the 23rd Oct. Look forward to seeing you next week.

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