Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mumbles Knights 1st ever Match Report.

A big thank you to the Mumbles Dragons for inviting us to play them in our first ever match, and showing us how great sports men behave. Thanks Dragons we had a great time.
It was a cold wet morning so it was great to see so many of the boys arriving with smiles on their faces. The boys did well staying up right as it was very slippery under foot.
We had a strong 12 man team, Dylan did well to keep the 4 subs rolling in & out of play. Junior coach Bill Fabb did a great job keeping the subs warm and ready to go.
All the boys kept the pressure up, with lots of tagging, keeping the Dragons away from the try line. However the Dragons are a strong, mature team and their experience showed scoring 4 tries. So when Will scored we were ready to go home happy, but you can imagine my surprise when I saw those little legs powering towards the try line a second time! Well done Will!
The Dragons showed us how to end a game well with cheers and handshakes, thanks Dragons!
Thanks Mums, Dads, dogs, Grandparents & boys, Lisa & Dylan haven't stopped smiling!

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  1. Wow! Well done Knights. You were amazing. Dylan and Lisa are obviously doing a fantastic job. You have some real stars in your team but most importantly you all enjoyed yourselves and played really well. Mark (Mumbles Dragons)