Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Saturday 2nd Feb

Beach rugby is on again this Saturday. Tide is definitely out this time! See you there 9:30.

Thanks to children and parents for being so patient last week. Having a nice cafe and rocks to climb with your friends certainly helps, but I didn't expect everyone to wait an hour and a quarter, and I didn't expect the team to have much energy left when we got underway. How wrong can you get? We made a good start though, so hope to see everyone back next week. We'll always aim for 9:30 if possible, but will make much more of an allowance for the high tides. On Saturday we will try and get straight into the session. Remember if the children have a good run and are worn out, you can have a peaceful afternoon in front of the 6 Nations. Just hope that the Wales performance doesn't put them off rugby.

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