Sunday, 11 October 2009

It was Wet and Windy

Well done to all the players who made it to a wet and windy practise! It was our first weather challenge and the arrival of players persuaded the coaches to continue as planned.

The prime objective of the session was to stay busy and warm and we all got a good workout. Everyone should sleep well tonight! During the game once again there was some great solo tries and the coaches noticed the beginnings of some good support players. Well done, see you next week - 9.15am.

A note to the parents: We will be looking to start collecting subs for the Mumbles Predators account next week. We are proposing a £5.00 joining fee with a £4.00/month standing order. All monies will be spent on the team.

Lastly, please pass the word around to any interested Year 1's who would like to join The Predators. We are hoping to build a full side for next season's fixtures down at Underhill Park.

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