Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Predators Graced Underhill Park

It was great to see the predators play so well on grass. Highlights of the session came from Will & James who showed some great tagging skills with strong running & scores coming from Luke, Louis, Ethan, Rees & Torin.

This week we had a spy up at the Ospreys tag training ground in LLandarcy, so over the next couple of weeks we will be introducing some new games & fun warm ups.

The park provided a good alternative venue to the beach when we have high tide. I was asked why we don't play there all the time? The main reasons are, officially all the predators would need boots and also we do not have an official slot from the park keeper or Mumbles RFC, however this will all change next year.

Hope everybody enjoyed the extra hour in bed not like coach Jon & family, who forgot about the time change and turned up at the park one hour early! Stop Laughing!

Keep an eye on the blog for next weeks arrangements !

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