Thursday, 12 November 2009

11.15 am Beach Rugby & Hotdogs !

This week we will have a later start once again, hope this time is OK with everyone.

Every week the Mumbles RFC U'7's 8's & 9's (all tag teams) have started to meet at mumbles cricket club for hot dogs. This week we have an invite to join them. The sides normally play at Bishopston school and arrive at the club between 11.30 & 12 noon. This will give the predators a taste of what is to come next season.

The facility is ideal for the kids and provides a mini social for parents. I plan to speak to the caterers and organise some extra hot dogs for the "predators". If we arrive for circa 12.30 I hope the hot dog rush will be over and the predators can fill their boots. This will be an ideal opportunity to get some feedback from parents, organise registration ,subs & discuss forthcoming events for example the Mumbles Tag Rugby Christmas Party & The traditional Christmas Parents v Mumbles Predators game that must take place before the end of the year. So I hope you can all make it to the club for a short while. See you on the beach for 11.15am, Jon.

For Directions to Mumbles Cricket Club please see link on Wildcats or Vikings page.

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