Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tag--tastic !!!!

We have had some great luck with the weather, today being no exception. The beach welcomed us with large waves, sunshine & lolly pops.

Great to be back on home soil (sand)! It was good to have an almost full squad on the beach, made up of some new faces. I thought the new young lady that had her debut, did particularly well, scoring a try and winning two of the warm ups. Sorry Mum, I should have given you a reg.form, see you next time.

Today was very pleasing for Chris, Tony & I as it was the first time the predators tagged six times in a row to claim the ball from the opposite team. Both red & yellow teams were tagtastic! Once again Will, James, Dav & Ethan showed great defensive skills and some seriously body-on-the-line tags.

Both Torin & Oliver did some great running in bulldogs today, with the try fest provided by all players - the best in my opinion coming from Luke (from Ethan), when the yellows showed great support play. Hope all players enjoyed the new games, we will practice these over the next few weeks.

Making a Plan & discussing tactics !

Deserved Refreshments !

See you all next week, weather & tide depending, keep an eye on the blog for times.

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